San Martino

Some years ago a school friend of mine visited Tuscany and fell in love with a rumble tumbledown farm house, and she purchased it. Love, blood sweat, tears and a fair amount of money was invested in making it a stunning villa, and soon after it was renovated. I photographed the villa, with its young gardens and just completed pools and terraces. Over the years people have come and gone and taken the most amazing memories home from a very unique home. Back in May 2013, I was asked if I’d like to photograph the property again, a chance to see the place again and take a holiday – a working holiday. So began a wonderful 5 day shoot in Tuscany. The brief was simply, get the best images, and that is what we set out to do. The weather was not kind, but maybe a cooler shoot, with some clouds and less of that Summer in Tuscany heat and blinding sunshine helped to make some evocative imagery. The website is almost live, but until that time, here are some of the images from the shoot.

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