Latimer Living shoot

Jess Latimer started Latimer Living with the intention of taking her distinctive South African and eclectic colonial décor style to a broader market.

Jess is the owner, designer and decorator of the highly successful boutique hotel Cape View Cifton which she has also commisisoned me to shoot on several occasions.
Her enthusiasm and style has prompted numerous requests for her help in private homes and apartments. To this end, she created Latimer Living A collection of high-end, uniquely South African and African products have been selected and styled in such a way so that you can create and achieve a similar look in your own home with minimum effort and maximum impact.

Latimer Living is based in London, UK and is specifically designed to cater for discerning customers and clients who want to recreate Jess’ South African interiors that have been so admired at Cape View Clifton.

She did not want a typical perfectly lit style for the shoot, rather more to see the products within the context of a home or setting that would allow people to visualise her collected items within the context of a home.
So we shot and styled the shoot accordingly.