I’ve been involved with images for over 25 years, and this passion and love of the captured moment comes through in my work. Photography has taken me to some amazing places and put me in some incredible situations. It has shown me that taking and supplying the photos is only a part of the process. You have come to me so I can add value to your brand, your product or service through my work.

My photography is a sum of many parts; beautifully taken images of a subject, an awareness and understanding of light of composition style and a very high level of service that provides you with the assurance that the images will be useable however you want to use them.
Professional photography requires an understanding what you want, a way to realise your requirements, an understanding of the shoot, and the ability to overcome any limitations and obstacles to make it happen. A good brief is essential, as is pre planning for pretty much every shoot.
It is not just a case of walking into a situation and click the button.

We all know the adage “... a photo is worth a thousand words ...”

but why is that? Why should we invest in good photography?

  • Who would spend $100,000’s or $1m’s creating something and then not make the effort to market it to its best potential?
  • Who would spend many 10,000’s of hours developing a product or a service and then not fully invest in the images that are essential to sell the product?
  • Who would risk their image, their brand by not ensuring they were getting the best possible marketing images?
  • Why do companies spend vast amounts of money on on advertising using photography, whether in controlled studios or at great locations around the globe? Why do they use models, and teams of professionals to apply the makeup, to adjust the clothes and position products in such a way to exploit the maximum amount of potential from an image?
Websites are the major marketing tool of so many companies or people, so all images must be of the best possible quality and presented to attract attention.
Photography is the last part you have to control your product or service before it is sent out to the masses. The last chance you have to insure it looks amazing and show it off so people would want to buy or use it. Just as poor spelling is awful to read, poor photographs will not provide the exposure that is required for your images.

“You never have a second chance to make a first impression”

This is so true. It is even more important to have a professional photographer who understands what your needs are, what you are trying to achieve and how to make this happen - it is my images that will sell your product, your service
I need to know the subject matter and be fully briefed. And then supply the after service to ensure images are promptly supplied.

Our busy lives mean that we have almost ZERO seconds to catch peoples’ attention. Powerful, striking and beautifully taken and presented photographs are essential to promote any brand, product or service.
Studies have shown that peoples’ minds process images before they realise what they have seen, so it is fundamentally vital to present images that capture this mind, and then keep the attention of that person, so they are more likely to make a purchase of your product or service. In such an image driven world, people will buy the same or a similar product from a second website if the images are better elsewhere.

Professional photography; my photography is not cheap, you are paying for experience and a level of service that has taken many years and many experiences to learn and create. It is not something I've learnt from a few tutorials on youtube. It began in an apprenticeship in the moving image world, and more than 20 years ago, into stills photography.
My investment in quality, reliable and up to date professional equipment, for the shoot, the edit and the storage of images is very substantial. I also take time to improve and hone current skills, to learn new skills and keep up to date with the latest technologies and equipment,

I invested in Canon cameras and lenses and profoto for lighting. I have an innate knowledge of my equipment. As you can see from the images on my site, I have a good understanding of all the subjects I shoot. I know when I've got the shot; its as much a feel of the situation as experience to know I've got the shot, be it a person, a product, a life style or an interior.

“Why hamishNIVENPhotography”

You are not just paying for photos supplied after a shoot.
You are buying into a service that will add substantial value to your services, your brand, your marketing or products
You are buying into a product that began with an enquiry, a discussion about your requirements and a brief to work from.
You are buying into a shoot that captures your service or product.
You are buying into an assurance that offers guarantees that images will be exceptional.
You are buying into a relationship that has the potential to keep you with a level of service and professionalism that you can rely on time and time again.

hamishNIVENPhotography is about exceptional images, exceptional service and ensuring that you are happy with the images taken and supplied.

Delair Graff