Social Media

Social media for hamishNIVENPhotography is absolutely essential. It is more than just a window to share my work or where I can ask for advice or find out about the latest equipment. Social media is a wonderful outlet for me to share my passion of photography, through my work, through conversation on forums, asking questions, searching for knowledge and learning new techniques and ideas, as well as commenting on images and articles that inspire or provoke me.

Social media is also a place where I gain inspiration. There are so many photographers out there in different parts of the world, shooting subjects that I don't have access to or shooting styles that I simply don't do. It is a window into the rest of the world - away from what I do for a passion and vocation.

You can find me on the following platforms
  • Facebook, simply because it is the largest platform, so it is essential
  • Twitter - because it is there
  • Ello - a new and exciting platform, it is raw and full of energy, creativity and really shows off photography as a platform should do.
  • Tumblr - this is my informal blog, more for personal images, and content that does not fit onto this website. It is also a great source of inspiration for me. It is often my muse.
  • Instagram - something wonderful about the speed and content on this fast platform, a great place for inspiration and to share images.
  • LinkedIn - where my world of business and photography co mingle